Public Enemy :: Nothing is Quick in the Desert

Meanwhile, while everyone else is circling in awe of the new Jay Z album nobody is talking about Public Enemy’s newest release. Which is available online for free download and live streaming at Bandcamp by the group. If you are a true fan of Hip Hop then this is a must for your MP3 collection.

[01:20] 01. Nothing Is Quick In The Desert
[03:32] 02. sPEak!
[04:20] 03. Yesterday Man
[00:51] 04. Exit Your Mind
[02:55] 05. Beat Them All
[03:32] 06. Smash The Crowd
[01:27] 07. If You Can’t Join Em Beat Em
[03:50] 08. So Be It
[03:54] 09. SOC MED Digital Heroin
[01:57] 10. Terrorwrist
[03:11] 11. Toxic
[02:57] 12. Smells Like Teens Hear It
[06:53] 13. Rest In Beats (Part 1 & 2)

Jay Z :: 4:44

This is Jigga’s 13th studio album.   He cleanly is not finished as a rapper and unlike many Entertainment CEOs in the game his product has remain consistent.  He again has taken a hot verses and made them a series of hot songs.

  1. Kill Jay Z
  2. The Story of O.J.
  3. Smile (Ft. Gloria Carter)
  4. Caught Their Eyes (Ft. Frank Ocean)
  5. 4:44
  6. Family Feud
  7. Bam (Ft. Damian Marley)
  8. Moonlight
  9. Marcy Me
  10. Legacy